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July's Reckless Q and A at Deviantart

by JPReckless2444

Sup fellow faithful!! It’s been a long while, but I’m back for this month’s Q&A session.

Fill free to ask me about anything!! Toonami related, TV related, WWE related, or anything your hearts desires. U may also get an appearence from TOM & SARA

One change. I will not take request this time. Please send me a note on requests & i’ll get back to u as soon as possible.

Remember, I do not work for Toonami, [as], or Williams Street. Just in-depth analysis from a long time faithful.

Let’s get it going!!!

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Should Toonami re-air Bleach from the beginning?

by JPReckless2444

Sup guys!!

As you guys know [or don’t] Bleach is currently on it’s final season run on Toonami. With DBZ Kai coming this fall, It seems like Bleach might not make it til then. So should Toonami re-air Bleach from the beginning. I don’t know much, but the Toonami crew hasn’t said [as of press time] will lose the rights to Bleach once it ends. Bleach has air on both Toonami & [as] throughout it’s run.

Toonami are re-airing Naruto & Shippuden. They are almost caught up with One Piece. Would u mind if Bleach air from ep.1? If I was Jason “The Lich King” Demarco, It would massage my ego to say that his brainchild, Toonami. not only aired

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